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2012: The Year of the Intelligent Network
| Jul 18, 2012
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Joel Stradling, Research Director, Business Network and
IT Services
Brian Washburn, Research Director,Network Services
Moderated by Sandra O'Boyle, Service Director, Business
Network and IT Services

Global data WAN services are no longer sold with a central focus on the nuts and bolts of the network. Instead, carriers are adapting to a changing IT market by positioning data networks as the ‘behind the scenes’ yet critical enabler of IT and cloud services. Robust connectivity including class of service for supporting mission-critical business applications remains a central piece in the puzzle especially as applications, computing power, IT infrastructure and data are increasingly hosted and stored in public and private clouds.

Current Analysis examines the competitive landscape and market trends in the global data WAN services market for multinationals and large enterprises, examining new commercial models, go to market messaging, and strengths and weakness of the major players.

Some of the topics discussed in this Current Analysis Webinar include:

  • How carriers are positioning their data WAN offerings as cloud-enablement solutions
  • New commercial models and flexibility in pricing: pay-per-seat, flat-rate bandwidth, and bandwidth-on-demand
  • Enabling the customer with monitoring and management tools for SLA reporting, billing, and more
  • The evolution of applications performance management and WAN optimization
  • Hybrid Ethernet/IP VPN networks and the impact of MEF 2.0
  • Striving for maximum reach: MPLS interconnection, E-NNIs, Ethernet exchanges, and third-party DSL and Ethernet access
  • The latest from the Current Analysis Global Network Tracker and carrier MPLS, Ethernet and DSL competitiveness
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