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The Impact of WebRTC on Communications and Collaboration: Is There a Disturbance in the Force?

| April 17, 2014
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Current Analysis Analysts
Brad Shimmin
Service Director, Business Technology and Software
Tim Banting
Principal Analyst, Collaboration and Communications

WebRTC will significantly disrupt the communications and collaboration market within the next three years. As with all disruptive technologies, this presents both opportunities and threats to the existing status quo.

WebRTC has the potential to commoditize much of the value offered by unified communications and collaboration vendors today, and causes additional disruption to carriers who are currently battling over the top (OTT) services such as Vonage, Skype and WhatsApp.

Join Current Analysis for a look at WebRTC. Brad Shimmin and Tim Banting will discuss:

  • Looking at what the standard is
  • What it means to vendors
  • The opportunities and threats it presents to the communications market

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