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CES - Consumer Electronics Show
January 6-9, 2016 - Las Vegas
Current Analysis will be attending CES 2016, getting up close and personal with new products and technologies, meeting with key vendors, and unraveling the hype to uncover meaningful trends. We expect to provide analysis on:
  • Mobile Device Evolution: What’s new in phones, tablets, and mobile computing?
  • Wearables and Mobile Health/Fitness: How are vendors responding to the Apple Watch? When will mHealth move beyond step counting and heart rate monitoring? What are operators doing to move the space forward?
  • Wearables and AR/VR: Is this the year that augmented and virtual reality leave the lab and become real? While gaming and entertainment uses get all the buzz, will the technology have the most immediate impact on the enterprise?
  • Emerging Device Powers: How competitive are Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo? Can regional powerhouses like Xiaomi (China) and Micromax (India) break out into global brands?
  • Consumer IoT (Internet of Things): What new technologies are hitting the market in 2016? Is home automation beginning to coalesce around a set of standards? How are operators and network technology vendors driving the technologies forward?
  • Connected Car: Apple, Google, mobile operators and car manufacturers themselves are jockeying for position in the connected car. How are their strategies evolving? What are the opportunities? Are electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, and connected vehicles all one and the same, and in what timeframe do these capabilities become dominant?
  • Consumer-Centric Network Innovation: Amazing consumer electronics are often meaningless without networks to back them up. Will network infrastructure vendors come to CES ready to make that connection?

Current Analysis Analysts Attending CES 2016
Please contact our analysts to set up a meeting at the show!

To sort through these potentially conflicting messages - and determine their impact on the near-term competitive landscape - Current Analysis has a full complement of analysts on-site covering the entire wireless value-chain: mobile infrastructure, mobile services (business and consumer) and mobile platforms and devices.

Peter Jarich
Vice President,
Consumer and
Avi Greengart
Research Director,
Consumer Platforms
and Devices

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