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Transformational Technologies: Enterprise Usage of Mobility (Part 1)

| December 09, 2014 | Data Center Technology |
| Analyst: Weldon, Kathryn

Enterprises' significant network technology decisions those that will enable real transformation in the way they do business are centered on five technology areas: enterprise mobility, cloud and data center services, collaboration, network and IT security, and big data/analytics. Current Analysis surveyed 650 technology decision-makers and influencers from around the world on their budget plans and buying decisions, from companies with at least 100 employees to more than 10,000 employees. Based on the results, cloud and network security services had the highest budget priority by far, followed by networking; while mobility, data center, big data/analytics, and collaboration services were still important, but less critical overall.

Many of the companies were deploying many, even all, of the services discussed in the survey. Approximately 80% of respondents indicated cloud/data center and network services (e.g., IP telephony and IP VPNs) were in use already and/or new investment was planned within 24 months. New collaboration and enterprise mobility services were used by 52% and 62% of the respondents, respectively, with over 70% of those companies planning increases in investment. With respect to cloud (including UCC), organizations are consuming a greater percentage of their IT services through a cloud delivery model.

This is the first of a three-part advisory, which looks deeper into some of the key findings of the Current Analysis 2014 Enterprise Investment Plans Survey, focusing on what buying decisions are being made, what buying channels are used, spending trends, and the specific functionality and services in use. This report covers these trends in the managed mobility space; Parts 2 and 3 cover the unified communications and collaboration space and the cloud and data center services space, respectively.

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