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Multi-screen Video (MSV) Solutions


Portfolio Assessment reports from Current Analysis deliver product intelligence on a set of vendor assets typically sold in tandem – providing strategic competitive analysis along with sales insight into the products being sold into a given market category. Beyond out Product Assessments, Portfolio Assessments identify the product combinations delivered by a technology supplier, providing in-depth analysis and tactical advice based not only on product strength but the breadth and depth of the supplier’s portfolio. Click here to find out how you can get access to Telecom Equipment Buyer.


ARRIS Multi-screen Video Portfolio
2013 was a busy year for ARRIS, with the Motorola Home acquisition and an array of new partnerships (Sling Media, SeaWell, ThinkAnalytics and Digitalsmiths). In 2014 and beyond, can ARRIS protect and grow its US $1 billion/quarter revenue streams? (3/4/2014)
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Cisco Multi-screen Video Portfolio
Cisco’s ever-expanding Videoscape portfolio, including several key elements added in H1 2014, have enabled Cisco to strengthen its MSV proposition further, and thereby strengthen its leadership position in the overall video infrastructure market. (7/2/2014)
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Ericsson Multi-screen Video Portfolio
Just ahead of Mobile World Congress 2014, Ericsson unveiled its Future TV Anywhere solution, which integrates last year’s Mediaroom acquisition and several additional new MSV elements, bolstering Ericsson’s already-formidable MSV proposition. (3/4/2014)
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Huawei Multi-screen Video Portfolio
Huawei continues to move incrementally forward in the global multiscreen video market, leveraging key corporate assets including its robust fixed access portfolio and growing services business to pave the way for success in the evolving MSV space. (3/5/2014)
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  • Summary
    • Portfolio Description
    • Portfolio Positioning
    • Portfolio Traction
    • Current Perspective
  • Solution Elements
  • Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Buying/Selecting Criteria

IPTV/Multi-screen Solutions Portfolio Elements
  • Content Delivery Systems
    Network video servers, primarily originated from VoD server roots, that support software developed and dedicated to IPTV applications such as VoD, ad insertion, and nPVR.

  • Content Security
    The technology required to ensure the security and integrity of IP-based video applications such as IPTV. Specifically, this addresses digital rights management (DRM) and conditional access system (CAS) technologies.

  • Head-end Systems/Encoders
    Part of network that concentrates video networking technologies required to deliver video over broadband. Specifically, this addresses platforms that support encoder capabilities and closely related capabilities such as content distribution.

  • IPTV Middleware
    Software embedded in operator server and consumer CPE technologies (typically set-top boxes) that manage the user interface and the delivery of video to the TV such as IP-based video broadcast and video on-demand.

  • STB Range and Interoperability
    The set-top box technology deployed at the consumer’s residence to enable IPTV applications and services. This includes the diversity of STB options and the ability to interoperate with requisite video networking protocols such as MPEG4/H.264 encoding.

IPTV/Multi-screen Solutions Selection Criteria

  • Content Delivery System Scalability
    Content Delivery System Scalability measures the ability of the video server-based components of an IPTV solution set to deliver and grow a carrier’s personalized video services such as VoD, nPVR, custom ad insertions, trick-mode viewing, and time-shift TV. This includes metrics such as the maximum number of IPTV/video subscribers supported per system, simultaneous streams delivered, and upgrade flexibility.

  • Head-end Systems Flexibility
    Video Head-end Systems Flexibility includes the video networking technology required to perform the acquisition, processing, encoding, management, and closely related functions for the delivery of video services. This includes the acquisition and conversion of video from a wide range of sources such as satellite and fiber, the processing of video signals including muxing, ad insertion, transrating, and grooming, the encoding of video into format such as MPEG2 and MPEG4/H.264 to gain video compression efficiencies, and the logical and physical management of video services.

  • Back-Office Compatibility
    Back-Office Compatibility addresses the ability of the IPTV solution provider to fully integrate carrier back-office systems such as OSS/BSS platforms with the IPTV networking elements. This can include IPTV middleware, provisioning, and activation elements.

  • Security and Digital Rights Management (DRM) Efficacy
    Content Security and DSM Efficacy relates to the ability of the IPTV solution provider to integrate security and content assurances effectively into the overall solution package. This can include securing (or facilitating) content guarantees with content providers.

  • IPTV Professional Service Integration Package
    IPTV Professional Service Integration Package measures the ability of an equipment vendor (i.e., IPTV solution provider) to perform as a lead integrator for IPTV solution integration efforts. This includes IPTV equipment resource depth and breadth, experience, and effective partnerships.

  • IPTV Portfolio Diversity and Depth
    IPTV Portfolio Diversity and Depth measures the ability of a vendor to provide the key elements of an IPTV solution from within its own in-house portfolio to address both lead integration opportunities and focused product sales. This can include the ability of the vendor to leverage related and complementary infrastructure technologies such as access, carrier routing, mobile, VoIP/IMS, and optical technologies from within the same common portfolio.
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