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Gigabit Passive Optical Networking (GPON)


Product assessment reports provide a timely and in-depth evaluation on how leading products and services in a market measure up to their competition. Updated regularly by our industry-leading analysts, product assessment reports deliver an objective and un-biased look at a product's strengths and weaknesses, ratings on how well the product meets specific customer buying criteria, and relevant product metrics. Compare selected products with side-by-side listings of product metrics and other factors, with a focus on actionable intelligence. Click here to find out how you can get access to Telecom Equipment Buyer.


Alcatel-Lucent ISAM 7342 FTTU
Alcatel-Lucent’s ISAM 7342 platform, although no longer its fiber access flagship, remains one of the most widely deployed FTTH/GPON OLTs and still accounts for the majority of Alcatel-Lucent’s more than 185 fiber access customers worldwide. (3/3/2014)
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Alcatel-Lucent ISAM 7360 (FX-16)
The ISAM 7360 series, anchored by the high-density FX-16 platform, has been Alcatel-Lucent’s flagship fiber access solution since 2011 and enables ultra-broadband services with some of the highest throughput/performance capabilities available. (6/30/2014)
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Calix BLM 1500 (formerly EDA 1500)
Calix’s 2012 acquisition of Ericsson’s FTTH assets brought the 1500 OLT into Calix’s already well-stocked fiber portfolio. Despite substantial product redundancy, Calix hopes Ericsson’s channel resources will expand its international presence. (3/3/2014)
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Calix C7
Calix’s C7 was instrumental in enabling the company to establish the world’s largest GPON customer base, still >500 operators (mostly in North America), but with the advent of the E7-20 ESAP series, the C7 is no longer Calix’s top OLT platform. (3/3/2014)
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Huawei MA5600T
Huawei’s SmartAX MA5600T flagship has enabled it to retain the number one position in the global GPON market for the past five years, with Huawei showing no signs of ceding market share away to competitors, despite constant pricing pressures. (3/3/2014)
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Motorola AXS Series (2200 and 1800)
Motorola’s AXS series is deployed extensively in the Tier 1 Verizon FiOS GPON network, but after several years of purgatory under both Google and now ARRIS, will Motorola’s GPON assets be sold to the highest bidder, given ARRIS’s lack of interest? (3/3/2014)
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Zhone Technologies MXK (819/823)
Zhone remains a solid contender in the global GPON market thanks to its robust MXK portfolio, which is anchored by the flagship 819/823 platform, which as of 2014, is now being resold by Iskratel into Russia and other Slavic-language countries. (3/3/2014)
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ZTE ZXA10 C300
ZTE’s ZXA10 C300 remains a leader in speeds/feeds and configuration flexibility, keeping the company at a solid number two position in the global GPON market, but overall, ZTE lacks the portfolio diversity of rivals Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei. (3/3/2014)
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  • Current Analysis Perspective
  • Product Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Product Point and Counterpoint
  • Product Buying Criteria
  • Product Metrics

GPON Buying Criteria
  • Customer and Market Traction
  • Backplane/System Throughput Capacity
  • Density/Scalability
  • Deployment Flexibility
  • ONT Range

GPON Product Metrics
  • PON Interface Support
  • PON Ports per Chassis
  • PON Price per Port
  • PON Chipset
  • Active Ethernet Support Yes/No
  • Network Interfaces
  • Transport Protocol
  • Throughput per Slot
  • Switching/Throughput Capacity
  • Chassis Dimensions
  • Form Factor
  • Line Powered
  • RF Overlay
  • Customers
  • Standards Compliance
  • General Availability/FCS
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