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Policy Control


Product assessment reports provide a timely and in-depth evaluation on how leading products and services in a market measure up to their competition. Updated regularly by our industry-leading analysts, product assessment reports deliver an objective and un-biased look at a product's strengths and weaknesses, and relevant product metrics. Compare selected products with side-by-side listings of product metrics and other factors, with a focus on actionable intelligence. Click here to find out how you can get access to Telecom Equipment Buyer.


Alcatel-Lucent 5780 Dynamic Services Controller
The Alcatel-Lucent 5780 DSC is gaining traction driven by the company’s EPC and Smart Plan Builder. However, without stronger third party IT OCS integration, it will not be able to extend its reach beyond the domain of Alcatel-Lucent networks. (3/3/2014)
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Cisco Quantum Policy Suite
Cisco’s QPS is accruing significantly more “horizontal” integration with acquired SON and analytics products. However with fewer “vertical” assets, will this be enough to continue its momentum as policy and charging become ever more tightly bound? (3/3/2014)
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Comverse Data Management and Monetization Policy Manager
Comverse continues to enhance its integrated policy and charging solution with strong analytics and policy creation features, however its deployment footprint is limited and the solution still needs a flagship win to achieve validation. (3/3/2014)
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Ericsson Service-Aware Policy Controller
The Ericsson Service-Aware Policy Controller is a leading and successful all-round PCRF product. However, its strongly network-centric approach may make it less attractive in the future as policy control becomes more marketing driven. (3/3/2014)
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Huawei Unified Policy and Charging Controller
The Huawei UPCC is extensively deployed and has been enhanced to meet more marketing as well as network user requirements for policy control. However, at heart, it is still a network-oriented platform; will cloud-deployment help to change that? (3/3/2014)
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Openet Policy Manager
With a strong drive towards integrated solutions, NFV and WiFi access control, Openet has a high profile in the policy control market. However, with a smaller installed base than leading players can it continue to stay “cutting edge”? (3/3/2014)
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Oracle Tekelec Policy Server
The former Tekelec Policy Server is gaining an extensive new ecosystem as Oracle Policy Management. However, during integration, all its competitors have been busy and while still very strong, its true product status is now less easy to assess. (3/3/2014)
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  • Current Analysis Perspective
  • Product Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Product Metrics

Policy Control Product Metrics
  • Product Configuration & Capacity
    • Rating
    • Product/Series Name/Release
    • Hardware Platform
    • Maximum TPS for Single System
    • Third-Party Performance Validation
    • Geographic Redundancy Support
    • Related Components from the Same Vendor
  • Standards & Interface Support
    • Rating
    • Compliance with 3GPP
    • Support for Diameter Routing Agent
    • Support for Gx interface
    • Support for Subscriber Profile Repository
    • Support for Northbound Interfaces into BSS
    • Support for PCRF Roaming
    • Support for PCRF to Online Charging System (OCS) Communication
    • Support for Traffic Detection Function (TDF) in DPI or Other Media Devices
    • Support for PCRF to IMS AF Communication
    • Support for WiFi Access Control
    • Support for CMTS QoS Control
  • Feature Support
    • Rating
    • Service Plan Support
    • Operator Service Plan Creation
    • Mobile Device Policy Enforcement Support
    • Access Agnostic Policy Support
    • RAN Congestion Management
    • Interoperability Partners for PCEF/DPI
    • Interoperability Partners for OCS/OFCS Charging
    • Customer Notification
    • Customer Service Plan Modification
    • Sessions State Support
    • Location of Usage Tracking, Balance
    • Analytics Support
  • Deployment History
    • Rating
    • First Availability
    • First 3GPP Release Supported
    • Live Deployments
    • Fixed/Mobile/Converged Deployment Ratio
    • Pre-IMS/IMS Deployment Ratio
    • Top Public Customer References
    • Largest Live Deployment
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