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Packet-Optical Access


Product assessment reports provide a timely and in-depth evaluation on how leading products and services in a market measure up to their competition. Updated regularly by our industry-leading analysts, product assessment reports deliver an objective and un-biased look at a product's strengths and weaknesses, ratings on how well the product meets specific customer buying criteria, and relevant product metrics. Compare selected products with side-by-side listings of product metrics and other factors, with a focus on actionable intelligence. Click here to find out how you can get access to Telecom Equipment Buyer.


ADTRAN Total Access 5004/5006
ADTRAN’s TA 5004/5006 POA platform offers high packet switching and uplink capacities for high aggregation forwarding capacity and provides broad PDH support, but it lacks MPLS for multiservice packet support and LO SONET cross-connect support. (3/4/2014)
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BTI 7060
The BTI 7060 POA platform delivers high packet switching and uplink capacity, facilitating high traffic forwarding, and it consumes modest power, but lacks MPLS (for IP/optical and multiservice packet support) and LO SONET cross-connect support. (3/4/2014)
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ECI Telecom NPT 1200
ECI’s NPT 1200 provides leading access and aggregation POA solutions with high switching, uplink, and port capacities and rich TDM to packet evolution support, but it offers limited OTN switching and ROADM support for metro-like capabilities. (4/2/2013) | Subscriber Access |

Ericsson SPO 1410
Ericsson’s SPO 1410 POA platform offers high port densities and comprehensive PDH and SDH networking capabilities with multiple protection options, but modest aggregation forwarding and packet switching capacity for a POA aggregation platform. (3/4/2014)
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Tellabs 7100 Nano OTS
Tellabs’ 7100 Nano OTS POA platform offers high port density, high switching capacity, and numerous physical and packet protection methods, but it lacks PDH capabilities for legacy networking support and is somewhat large for an access POA device. (3/4/2014)
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Transmode TM-301
Transmode enhances TM-301 POA platform packet switching, OTN switching, and uplink capacities with new 100G modules, maintaining low power consumption, but SONET/SDH capacity and Ethernet port density is limited and SONET/SDH uplinks are lacking. (3/4/2014)
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  • Product Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Product Point and Counterpoint
  • Product Buying Criteria
  • Product Metrics

Packet-Optical Access Buying Criteria

  • Data Support
    • Ethernet Switching
    • 802.1D Support
    • 802.1Q Support
    • 802.1ad Support
    • 802.1ah Support
    • 802.3ad Support
    • 802.1s/802.1w
    • 802.1p Support
    • 802.3ah Support
    • 802.1ag/Y.1731 Support
    • G.8031/G.8032 Support
    • Connection-Oriented Packet Networking Support
  • Ethernet Interfaces
    • 10GbE Ports
    • GbE ports - Base Shelf Configuration
    • FE ports - Base Shelf Configuration
    • GbE ports - Extension Shelf Configuration
    • FE ports - Extension Shelf Configuration
  • SONET/SDH Interfaces
    • OC-192/STM-64 ports
    • OC-48/STM-16 ports
    • OC-12/STM-4 ports
    • OC-3/STM-1 ports
  • PDH Interfaces
    • T3/E3 ports - Base Shelf Configuration
    • T1/E1 ports - Base Shelf Configuration
    • T3/E3 ports - Extension shelf Configuration
    • T1/E1 ports - Extension shelf Configuration
  • Other Interfaces
    • 10GFC/8GFC
    • 4GFC/2GFC
    • 1GFC
    • ESCON
    • Other Electrical
  • Capacity
    • TDM Switch Matrix Size
    • Packet Switch Capacity (non-blocking)
    • Total Uplink Capacity
    • Uplink Speed
  • Transport Features
    • Uplink Protocol
    • Transmission Distance
    • ROADM Capacity/Capability
    • Add/Drop Multiplexing
    • Virtual Concatenation, GFP, LCAS support
    • Line Protection Capabilities
    • Tributary Protection Capabilities
    • Packet Transport/Ethernet Protection
    • Network Synchronization
    • Portfolio Breadth
  • Physical Attributes and Management
    • Chassis Size - Base shelf configuration
    • Chassis Size - Maximum Shelf configuration
    • Slots - Base Chassis
    • Slots - Extended Chassis
    • Dimensions (h x w x d, English & Metric) and chassis/rack
    • Extended Shelf Height
    • Power Consumption
    • Certifications
    • Element/Network Management System and OSS Interfaces
    • Other Elements Managed
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