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Next-Gen Edge Solutions


Product assessment reports provide a timely and in-depth evaluation on how leading products and services in a market measure up to their competition. Updated regularly by our industry-leading analysts, product assessment reports deliver an objective and un-biased look at a product's strengths and weaknesses, ratings on how well the product meets specific customer buying criteria, and relevant product metrics. Compare selected products with side-by-side listings of product metrics and other factors, with a focus on actionable intelligence. Click here to find out how you can get access to Telecom Equipment Buyer.


Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR
Alcatel-Lucent continues to announce new customers for its flagship edge service router, newer high density line cards plus increased switching capacity continue to provide operators a broad range of solutions. (5/30/2014)
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Cisco ASR 9000 System
The ASR 9000 family expands to include new access and aggregation models to cost effectively provide support for mobile backhaul, business and residential services, nV technology is enhanced to support end to end traffic over third party WAN links. (5/30/2014)
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Ericsson SSR 8000
Ericsson notes that to date it has been awarded 109 commercial SSR 8000 contracts, the majority are for mobile applications (EPG and Mobile Packet Backbone), about one-third were for Fixed IP applications, showing broader appeal for the platform. (5/30/2014)
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Juniper MX 3D Series
In 2013, Juniper significantly expanded the features and scale of the MX 3D Series Universal Edge Router portfolio to help automate complex operations and service delivery; scale bandwidth, subscribers and services; and create services that monetize the network. (12/4/2013)
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  • Current Analysis Perspective
  • Product Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Product Point and Counterpoint
  • Product Buying Criteria
  • Product Metrics
Next-Gen Edge Solutions Buying Criteria
  • Architecture and Performance and Scalability of the Portfolio
  • Number and Types of Interfaces Supported
  • Element and Network Management Systems
  • Advanced Application Support
  • Business Edge, Residential Edge and Mobile Backhaul Features
  • Support Services Provided by the Vendor for this Portfolio

Next-Gen Edge Solutions Product Metrics

  • Vendor Edge Portfolio
    • Vendor Portfolio
    • Platform Series Name
    • Provider Edge
    • Aggregation
    • Access
    • Mobile Cell Site
    • Premise
    • Other
  • System Performance and Architecture
    • Backplane Switching Capacity (H-Duplex)
    • Switch Fabric Redundancy
    • Packet Forwarding Capacity, Bpps
    • Packet Forwarding Capacity Useable, Bpps
    • Per Slot Capacity Possible, Half-Duplex
    • Per Slot Capacity Available, Half-Duplex
    • Per Slot Capacity Used, Half-Duplex
    • Total Line Card/Services Slots
    • Slots Line Cards, (largest chassis)
    • Slots Application Cards, (largest chassis)
    • Multi-Chassis Support
    • Chassis Height (largest Chassis)
    • Chassis Depth (mm)
    • Operating System
    • Maximum Chassis per Standard Telco Rack
  • Interfaces and Port Density
    • 100G Ethernet
    • 40G Ethernet
    • 10G Ethernet
    • 1G Ethernet
    • DWDM
    • PDH
    • Other Interfaces
    • IPoDWDM
    • IP - Optical Integration
  • Timing and Synchronization Support
    • Synchronous E support
    • IEEE 1588v2
    • BITS
    • DTI (DOCIS)
    • Other
    • Application Services Supported
    • Embedded on Linecards or Separate Services Blades?
    • Module/Feature Name
    • Number per Chassis
    • Multiple Services per Card
    • Performance per Card, Gbps
  • Broadband Network Gateway Function (BNG)
    • Supported via Services Blade or Embedded?
    • Max Subscribers
    • Throughput/Subscriber
    • Distributed Support
    • Support for PPPoX
    • IPv4 - IPv6 Support
    • Release or GA Date
  • Mobile Packet Core
    • EPC- Implementation
    • Throughput
    • Bearers/Chassis
    • Bearers/Bay
    • 2G, 3G, 4G Support
    • Control & Bearer Plane Support
    • Mobile Core Resiliency
    • Release or GA Date
  • Packet Processing, Analysis,Filtering, Statistics
    • DPI
    • IPSec
    • Stateful Firewall
    • Carrier Grade NAT
    • Security and Monitoring
    • Accounting/Stats
    • Peer - Peer Signature ID/Support (OTTP)
    • Application Assurance, Policy Enforcement, reporting
    • Release or GA Date
  • Video Quality Management
    • Monitoring
    • Delivery
    • Release or GA Date
  • Caching Support
    • On-board
    • Release or GA Date
  • Other Services
    • L2TP Conc/Server
    • Other Services or Modules
  • Network Management
    • EMS
    • NMS
    • Fault Management
    • Performance Management
    • Service Provisioning
    • OSS
    • Analytics
  • OAM & Fault Mgt Support
    • 802.1ag
    • 802.3ah
    • Y.1731
    • BFD
    • VCCV
    • NetFlow
    • MPLS OAM
    • EOAM
  • Service Support
    • Layer 2 Services
    • Layer 3 Services
    • MPLS
    • IPv4
    • IPv6
    • Line Card Service Scalability, # Queues
    • Max # L2 VPNs
    • Max # L3 VPNs
    • Max # Mac Addresses
    • Max # IPv4 Routes
    • Max # IPv6 routes
    • # LSPs Supported, LER/LSR
    • H-QoS
  • Power Efficiency and Hardware Redundancy
    • Modular Power Supplies
    • Redundant Fans
    • "Vendor Supplied" Watts consumed per Gigabyte transported
  • Additional Vendor Supplied Metrics
    • Special Note 1
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