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ADVA Optical Networking
ADVA remains a model of small-company success. It touts EAD leadership and numerous customer wins, meets data center requirements, and positions for the future with SDN development, but sales are volatile and competition increases in its markets. (8/14/2014)
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Alcatel-Lucent operates under “The Shift Plan” designed to transform it into an IP and cloud networking and ultra-broadband specialist focused on unlocking innovation, resulting in a growing business and a sound balance sheet by the end of 2015. (7/15/2014)
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BTI Systems
BTI Systems has leveraged its Tier 2/3 telco market position and 2013 funding to penetrate the rapidly-growing data center connection market with the landmark 7800 ICC, and to grow sales, but faces better-known competitors with broader portfolios. (2/18/2014)
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Ciena is seeing increased sales of its 5400 and 6500 packet-optical platforms, which now offer much-needed packet services. An Ericsson agreement provides IP technology and added sales, but margins challenge and strong 100G competition threatens. (4/21/2014)
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Cisco executes on its NCS Series products, delivering the NCS 2000 and NCS 4000 optical platforms and announcing new customers; as its EPN architecture takes hold, questions regarding software standards and openness begin to dwindle. (8/15/2014)
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Marlin bolsters Coriant by adding Tellabs, strengthening its metro and aggregation position, adding mobile backhaul alternatives and helping it deliver the mTera platform. However, it has yet to announce many wins. (7/28/2014)
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Cyan combines its proven Z-Series packet-optical platforms with an early SDN solution, Blue Planet, to land several named customers and appeal to both high-growth carriers and traditional telecoms, but sales have slowed, and cash is short. (5/22/2014)
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ECI Telecom
ECI offers its Optimized Multi-Layer Transport portfolio to support both cost-effective packet-based Ethernet transport and integrated optical and packet-based capabilities to meet next-generation service requirements, but sales continue to decline. (2/19/2014)
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Ericsson advances its mobile presence by leveraging its IP portfolio, launches new initiatives in policy and control, adds new customers for its routing platforms, and notes traction with its new Evolved IP Network initiative with major operators. (8/15/2014)
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Fujitsu Network Communications
Fujitsu announced a 100G customer in Canada. It continues to enhance its access portfolio, but still appears to focus on metro/regional networks and the ILECs, ceding opportunities to competitors and bearing a concentrated customer base risk. (10/17/2013)
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Huawei continues to expand its service provider portfolio with new products and increased platform capacities. The company also furthered its SDN initiatives with demonstrations, trials and deployments. (7/21/2014)
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Infinera has ridden its DTN-X transport platform to a leading position in the 100G marketplace, achieving improved financials, and it is developing additional product enhancements, including SDN. However, larger prospects seek broader portfolios. (11/25/2013)
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Juniper Networks
Juniper’s focus this year - the “Rise of the Creative Planet” positions the network and delivery of cloud solutions front and center. Its challenge now becomes how to spark creativity by leveraging cloud building and Juniper’s High-IQ network. (7/15/2014)
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Transmode continues profitable growth while introducing several product enhancements, including some with novel capabilities, and beginning SDN development; but global expansion recently slowed, and competitors, both large and small, threaten. (11/18/2013)
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ZTE’s strategy adjustments to mounting losses require cost-cutting that threatens to reduce sales in the face of stiff competition. It introduced higher-capacity core routers and packet-optical platforms, but still struggles to ‘get the word out.’ (12/17/2013)
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